Kingman Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving for Kingman provides you a fast and easy way to meet your diversion attendance or court-ordered requirement. This course is court-approved, 100% online and comes with unlimited 24/7 customer support and a free final exam. (Most providers will charge you additional fees for the final!) We guarantee you the best and lowest price defensive driving course online.

Reasons for Completing Defensive Driving in AZ

  1. Diversion Attendance - Complete this defensive driving course to dismiss your traffic ticket and avoid driver license points.
  2. Court-Ordered - Complete this defensive driving course if you were ordered by a judge to complete a defensive driving course. Your ticket may not be dismissed.
  3. Voluntary - Complete this defensive driving course for personal enrichment or if requested by your employer.

100% Online - From Start to Finish

Taking defensive driving online allows you to work at your own pace. How do you do it? Once you begin the program, the system will automatically save your progress every time you logout, so you can pick up where you left off. In addition, this AZ defensive driving course comes with a FREE final exam. Once you've passed the exam, we will automatically process your course completion certificate.

24/7 Professional Support

Need to meet a deadline fast? If you are having problems with the course, your certificate, or just need general information, we are here to help around-the-clock! Simply call 1-888-349-8425, email, or press the live-chat button to speak with a traffic school representative.

Defensive Driving Course for Kingman

This defensive driving course is approved for Kingman and Pinal County. Most drivers need this course to dismiss a traffic ticket and avoid insurance premium increases as a result of a traffic violation. Your ticket dismissal requirements will be met if you complete this online course and your certificate is submitted by the court-imposed deadline.

To visit the Pinal County court website for more information, click:

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