Arizona Online Defensive Driving is no longer available for purchase. Existing students may log-in to complete their course through October 30th.

Arizona Defensive Driving Course Online

Need to remove points from your traffic citation? Our defensive driving (Diversion Attendance Course) is Arizona Supreme Court-approved to dismiss your traffic ticket and help you avoid insurance premium increases. You may also need this course if you were court-ordered, required by your employer or if your insurance company offers a discount for completing defensive driving.

Course Benefits

Our course is 100% online and can be taken in sections, 24/7. We have customer service available by live chat to help you with any questions you may have. Rush certificate options are also available!

If eligible, completion of this online defensive driving diversion attendance program will qualify you for point removal, ticket dismissal, and no insurance premium increases. The course includes validation eligibility, final exam, electronic completion to the presiding court and a copy of a completion certificate provided to the student.

Approved Defensive Driving Course #034

The Arizona Supreme Court has approved the American Safety Council to offer the online defensive driving diversion attendance program to eligible Arizona motorists. American Safety Council, owner and operator of, is listed on the Arizona courts website.

See our approval here.

About Arizona Defensive Driving

Arizona Defensive Driving, unlike Traffic Survival School, is a Diversion Attendance Course for drivers with eligible traffic tickets to remove the points from their driving record. If you received a traffic ticket for a non-serious violation in the state of Arizona, or were court-ordered to take defensive driving, this course is most likely for you. Read our FAQs for more information or click the register button to get started!

Total Cost to Attend Defensive Driving for Diversion

Your total costs required by the AZ courts depend on where you received your citation. Click here to view the total cost including course fee, state fee, state surcharge and applicable court fee. Total cost includes the following fees:

  • Course Fee: $.
  • AZ State Fee: $24
  • AZ State Surcharge: $45
  • Applicable Court Fee

Important Information About Arizona Defensive Driving

Please note the following information concerning Arizona Defensive Driving:

  • Defensive driving for diversion attendance can be completed once every 12 months
  • Your course must be completed 7 days prior to your arraignment date
  • Your violation must be eligible for defensive driving diversion. Click here to view a complete list
  • You can attend for only one violation
  • Serious injury or fatal accident violations are not eligible
  • If you hold a commercial driver's license, you are not eligible
  • You must provide the following information to register for the course:
    • Traffic citation
    • Government issued identification
  • Payment must be made prior to beginning the course
  • The online course requires 4 hours to complete and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Arizona Defensive Driving Refund Policy

The American Safety Council will provide a full refund to a student if a student pays for the Arizona Defensive Driving Online Course and does not begin taking the course and notifies ASC that the student needs to reschedule to take the course. A full refund for the course will be provided to the student within 60 days after the scheduled course date if the course is not started, or once the student notifies ASC that he/she will not be attending the course and the course has not been started. A student that attends the Arizona Defensive Driving Online Course for a traffic violation and the citation is not reported to the state of Arizona will have his/her payment refunded. American Safety Council will notify division staff of the refund and cancellation of the course registration in this instance. A refund will also be provided to a student that has a citation dismissed by the jurisdictional court for a technical error. A court may request a refund of the court diversion fee to a student at the court's discretion. Under normal circumstances, however, a student that is provided a refund after they have started the course will only receive a refund of the course and diversion fees, but is not refunded the state fees. ASC maintains copies of refunds made to students along with an explanation of the reason for the refund.

Click here to view the Arizona Supreme Court's Web site. You may also call them at 1-888-334-5565.

4.7 out of 5 star rating

Great school. I loved the price and it went over a lot of good topics which made me more aware of the way I should be driving.

– Marina C.

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