Freqently Asked Questions

What is defensive driving?

In Arizona, defensive driving is not the same as Traffic Survival School. Traffic Survival School is designed for motorists with serious violations or excessive points on their driving record. Defensive driving, also known as the Diversion Attendance Course, is for motorists who received a traffic citation in Arizona and would like to dismiss points and avoid insurance rate increases.

Is your defensive driving course approved for Arizona?

Yes. We offer court-approved defensive driving for Arizona. See our approval here.

Will I get an insurance discount for taking this course?

Some insurance companies will provide an insurance discount for voluntarily taking defensive driving.

How often am I allowed to take this course for traffic violations?

Previously, Arizona drivers were allowed to take a defensive driving course once every 24 months to have a citation dismissed. As of 7/3/2015, a new law enacted allows drivers to take this course for one violation every 12 months.

What if I believe I am not guilty for the traffic violation?

You may go to court or you may take this defensive driving course. But, according to the Arizona Supreme Court, you may not do both. If you decide to attend defensive driving, it must be at least 7 days before the hearing is scheduled.

Can I get an extension if I cannot take the class before the court deadline?

You may ask for an extension to allow extra time, but the decision is at the judge's discretion. Only one continuance may be granted.

I live in another state, but received a traffic ticket in Arizona. Can I take this Arizona defensive driving course?

Yes. You can take this course for the ticket you received in Arizona.

What do I need to begin the course?

Before your register, have your driver's license and traffic citation handy. You will need to submit both for approval prior to starting your course. Please note that review and approval of documentation can take up to 1 business day.

Is your course online?

Yes. The defensive driving and registration are 100% online.

Do I have to take the course in one sitting?

No, the course is 4 hours long but does not need to be taken all at once. You can log off whenever you like, the course will save your progress.