Ticket Dismissal

In most states, taking traffic school or defensive driving online qualifies you for point reduction. Generally, this means you will get qualifying traffic ticket points removed from your driving record. Depending on the type of citation you received, you will know whether or not you are eligible. In the state of California tickets are not dismissed but masked and the conviction held confidential.

Most states allow traffic school if your moving violation was not criminal, not serious enough or was considered an infraction. Your traffic ticket should tell you what type of violation you received and the associated court information. There are different types of courses that qualify as traffic school or defensive driving, but basic driver improvement is generally the most common type of course taken to clear traffic tickets. To find out what is offered in your state, simply select the state and TrafficSchoolToGo.com will give you your options.

Once you complete the program, it will be entered on your driving record and will automatically reduce your ticket points. Some states have different procedures, but generally, you will need your certificate of completion submitted to the court for final dismissal. You may also want to get a copy of your driving record to confirm the points have been removed.